The Future of MLM

1000501000.com Contributed by Geekkod to the global Internet, from its first days it has captured the attention of thousands looking for a way to earn money online or to improve their existing online business.

The undeniable attractiveness of the topic brought the idea of ​​creating an advertising medium section. EOIA (Equal Opportunity Internet Advertising) is a completely new advertising medium both due to its form and innovative structure read more

A transparent and effective marketing plan is necessary for sellers of goods or services. There is no better form of promotion than personal recommendations, equipped with modern communication tools with the ubiquitous Internet and its endless possibilities – 2LM REFERRAL PROGRAM It seems to be an unrivaled model of ONLINE MARKETING

2LM REFERRAL program is designed to promote the sales of EOIA advertising.
EOIA Advertising Coupon/Gift Card is a digital product.
Specifies the time and place of rented advertising space on the website 1000501000.com

By becoming a member of the 2LM Referral Community, you can start making money right away and build a foundation for future passive income.

Participation in the 2LM Referral Program is reserved for our clients – Buy Eoia advertising any category – STARTER, STANDARD or STAR   Now   


Earning money is the main goal of many human endeavors. Work Online /R.Janusz Guide is your trustful and determined guide to online work. It is delighted to offer you direct earning opportunities through the active participation of this project, exclusively designed for the members of 2LM REFERRAL COMMUNITY. In a nutshell, it is a Revolutionary Referral Program that combines elements of Affiliate Marketing and Referral Programs and is enriched with Multi Level Marketing structures.

2LM REFERRAL program is designed to promote the sales of EOIA advertising.
EOIA Advertising Coupon/Gift Card is a digital product.
Specifies the time and place of rented advertising space on the website 1000501000.com


  • 2 LM Referral is a two-level reference program
  • Your First Level is created by direct invitations to participate in the program
  • Your Second Level is built by people or companies located in your first level, for them is Their First Level.

Unlike other referral or affiliate programs, we do not provide any unique identification code, this code is the email address you choose. Another advantage is mutual monitoring and reporting between the inviter (Sponsor) and the invitee (new partner), like blockchain technology. There is no room for any mistakes, from whom the recommendation came.

Do you want to be part of a community that is revolutionizing social business organization? At Work Online/R.Janusz Guide and 2LM REFERRAL-COMMUNITY, we believe in the power of solidarity and support. Join our global team and discover the path to financial independence. Together, we can achieve great things and make a positive impact on a global scale. Be inspired by advanced ideas and become a part of something bigger. Are you ready to be a part of the online work revolution?

These are the benefits you are entitled to as a 2LM Referral-Community Member


Your membership is irrevocable and lifelong


Your 2LM REFERRAL account has inheritance properties, you can also sell or gift it

Discounts and Earnings


As a 2LM Referral member, you receive a lifetime 20% discount on EOIA Advertising Coupons/Gift Card purchases


Every time someone in your First Tier purchases any EOIA advertising, you will receive 20% of what they pay, immediately into your PayPal account.


Your First Level is technically an affiliate marketing and referral program rolled into one. There are therefore no additional conditions for the payment of the commission due to you.


Every time someone in your Second Level (MLM Structure) purchases any EOIA advertising, you will receive 10% of what they pay, immediately into your PayPal account.


However, there is a condition - your Second Level is a Multi Level Marketing structure, therefore you must be an active EOIA buyer and your last purchase cannot be made later than 12 months ego. You must buy regularly every 12 months, to earn from your MLM downline (Second Level)


In order to receive Commissions from your Second Level in an uninterrupted manner, it is requirement and recommended to purchase any EOIA advertising once a year.

Additional Privileges for 2LM Referral Members


Only 2LM Members can be invited as Experts to our Academy


All comments under posts on Work Online/R.Janusz Guide and 2LM-referral-community.com are reserved exclusively for our community, other comments will not be authorized.


The privilege of free publications on our blog is also exclusively available to 2LM members


Participation in competitions and guessing games with valuable prizes, only for members.

To sell offline or to sell online, that is the question.


A handshake and a deep look into the interlocutor’s eyes have always evoked positive emotions and facilitated relationships between people. It has always been this way, it is today and it will be like this forever.

Therefore, all important transactions are discussed personally, and all presentations of new, previously unknown goods, services, ideas, practices, and experiences take place with the participation of the seller and the buyer at a personal meeting.

A good example of such activity is a conversation aimed at gaining trust and convincing someone to use the products and possibly join the cooperation as an Independent Distributor in a multi-level marketing company.

This type of sales and the challenges of conducting commercial negotiations require knowledge, talent, and special skills.

Vendors with established experience and a professional approach to winning EOIA orders are more than warmly invited to take part in the 2LM REFERRAL PROGRAM.Here is your client list


Where the offline promotion of 2LM REFERRAL and EOIA sales is recommended

  • For all business owners
  • For public businesses, restaurants, cafes, hairdressers, vehicle repair shops, etc.
  • Corporations and large companies
  • High-tech and important Internet companies
  • More Here


Understanding how important a role continuous technological development plays nowadays will contribute to the application of sellers using the Internet and its endless possibilities – we call it ONLINE BUSINESS.

If we want to achieve results on a large scale and involve a large number of people or companies at the same time, it is impossible to work offline.

Online activity also requires a specific spectrum of abilities, skills, and knowledge. Unlike an offline offer, an online offer should reach the audience waiting for it. Roughly only defining the properties of the goods and services offered. The profound benefits resulting from engaging in the offer are generally presented in links leading to a comprehensive presentation of goods or services.

We can therefore conclude that the online offer is addressed to those waiting for it.Here is your client list



Where the online promotion of 2LM REFERRAL and EOIA sales is recommended

  • YouTubers, Vloggers, Bloggers
  • Internet influencers, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok stars.
  • Entrepreneurs working with mailing lists
  • Accounting service providers
  • Marketing agencies
  • Social media enthusiasts
  • More Here

A word from the author-GEEKKOD

There isn’t a straightforward definition that establishes the superiority of online work over offline work, or vice versa. The effectiveness of each mode is contingent upon the specific sector of the economy. Some sectors may find online methods more advantageous, while others may benefit more from offline approaches. There are also instances where one method may completely overshadow the other.

Fortunately, in our case, promoting EOIA advertising and participating in the 2LM Referral can be executed in both online and offline environments. Comprehensive instructions on how to enhance your marketing potential can be found on our websites – ‘Work Online/R. Janusz Guide’ and 2LM-Referral-Community.com


Our Guarantees for You Today and the Future

Even in the event of a transition of ownership for the Work Online/R.Janusz Guide and 2LM REFERRAL websites, rest assured that our core principles and commitments will remain unwavering.

You account is irrevocable

Regardless of the reason, you have the right to manage your account on 2LM REFERRAL. This ensures that you can recruit and enjoy full access to the commission that rightfully belongs to you.

Right to Inheritance

The right to inherit in the event of your passing can be organized by drafting a will through your 2LM Referral account and/or by creating a legal testament.

2LM Referral Account: Your Valuable Asset

Administration 2LM REFERRAL can assist you in selling your account seamlessly, ensuring that you achieve your desired price. With our expertise and support, the process will be smooth and efficient.

Donationable Referral Account

Completely opening up the possibility to freely grant all rights to your 2LM REFERRAL account to someone else, an institution, or a private individual puts you in the position of a generous benefactor.


To become a member of 2LM REFERRAL, it is necessary to purchase an EOIA advertising coupon/gift card. We suggest purchasing the STARTER category, which entitles you to advertise space rent for 52 days. It is possible to upgrade this category (no later than the end of the issue of 52 days) to the STANDARD category by paying the difference pricing. Purchasing the STARTER category entitles you to register as a 2LM Referral Member with full rights to run a 2LM account. The cost of EOIA STARTER is £52
If there is no sponsor (referring person or company), the 2LM REFERRAL system administration will provide you with a sponsor ID

Wait a second!

Meet the offer of the day!


Offer Of The Day

FOR SALE :::::::: SUPER OFFER::::: Kick out STARTER There is a discounted version of EOIA Starter.Maintains all properties of EOIA Starter Beyond the money back guarantee limited to 14 days from the date of purchase.

Price for You £23

Your Dreams Come True

Great, access to become a member of 2LM-REFERRAL-COMMUNITY

By purchasing EOIA -Offer of the day/Kick-out Starter. In addition to advertising space for 52 days, you gain membership register rights to the 2lm-Referral-Community

While the EOIA advertising Coupon/Gift Card must be submitted for publication within 180 days.

Your membership in 2LM-REFERRAL-COMMUNITY is lifelong and irrevocable.

This means you can start your earning adventure when you are ready for it in the future.

Reserve your place at 2LM REFERRAL today

People love shopping and spending money – but they hate ,when someone tries to sell them something.

Reward yourself, and give yourself the pleasure of having something for yourself.

If you are not selfish, it would be good for you to know that-

2LM Referral membership is hereditary, you can also sell or gift it.


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